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PoleKat Fitness FAQ

Are there any rules?

No shoes are allowed (unless in a specific shoe based session). Please also remove all jewellery, especially rings as these scratch the poles. Although it's not a 'rule', it is recommended that you do not moisturise for at least 24 hours before taking part in a pole class, as it will make it much more difficult to grip the pole.

Can guys take part?

Yes! Actually, the upper body strength many men possess makes them amazing polers, especially on advanced holds & tricks.

Does it hurt?

All aerial sports can hurt a bit to start with, but it does get easier the more you practice! Even the fittest of people find that they ache a couple of days after a pole dancing session. This is because you use muscles that you don't usually use.  You may also get a few small bruises - this is completely normal! They usually last for about for about 3 days and the more you practice, the less you bruise.

Is it safe?

Yes! All circus and aerial sports involve an element of risk, but we use the best equipment on the market and our instructors are trained and qualified to the highest standards. Safety mats are always used in training and an instructor will always be around to spot you (we are very good at catching!)

Are there any age limits?

No - everyone is welcome! Our kids classes cater for 4 to 14 year-olds, and our adult classes for over 14s (participants under 18 must sign a waiver form if attending an adult class).

Am I too unfit/overweight?

Fitness is not really an issue, as you will get fitter the more you practice, but be aware that you might find it difficult to start. All equipment (poles and hoops) are fully weight-bearing and safety-tested, so weight is not an issue.

Is it stripping/lap dancing?

No! Pole fitness aims to move away from the 'sleazy' stereotype. It is about having fun and working out. You will never be made to do anything you feel uncomfortable with.

How do I find the studio?

St Ann's Hill Road,
Nottingham NG3 4GN
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By car:
There is free on-street parking and a carpark outside of working hours, please view our Car Park FAQ

By Bus:
Any bus that stops at the Victoria Shopping Centre. It's just an 8-10 minute walk up Huntingdon Street. Alternatively, any bus that stops on Huntington Street.

By Tram:
The closest Tram stop is probably NTU, with a 10-13 minute walk to the studio. Alternatively, The High School tram stop is also an option, with a couple of minutes extra walking, but downhill rather than up.

Do you have parking?

We are very privileged to have our studios situated so close to the city centre, in a safe area, easily accessed by tram, bus or on foot. If you choose to drive, you may use our staff car park outside of office hours, or the free on-street parking within office hours.

Please be aware that our car park is the large flood-lit one around the back of the building, opposite Kilbourn Street. This is free to use OUTSIDE OF OFFICE HOURS (before 8am, after 5pm, and on weekends).

WITHIN OFFICE HOURS, on-street parking is free for 2 hours. You may have to drive around for a couple of minutes, but there are usually spaces in residential areas. Please be aware that our staff car park is levied, meaning that the tenants of the building pay for it at city centre rates. Therefore, if you park in these spaces within office hours or block tenants in, you may be clamped or fined.

Additionally, PLEASE do NOT park in the small car park off of Eggerton Street, as this is a private car park that gets locked at 6.30pm every day. If you park in this car park, your vehicle will be locked inside.

Car Park

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